What a fantastic experience!!!

9 GTTA athletes had the honour to participate in this multi sport event as they took the trip to London, Ontario at the beginning of August, 2018. London, as the host city for the games did an excellent job in organizing the event providing table tennis a great gym and many volunteers to ensure the success of the event.

The athletes that made the trip to London were Meech Dullaert, Mariana Ren, Judy Zhong, Daniel Lu, Elijah Godfrey, Daniel Chen, Rickey Deng, Eric Jiang and Ann Shiao.

How this event differs from the previous table tennis tournaments it is because table tennis is one of the sports in this multi sport event. All the kids participated in the opening ceremony, they lived and ate their meals together with all the other athletes from all the other sports. It was pretty much like a mini Olympics experience.

After a few weeks of training and preparation in the GTTA summer camps the kids were ready to face their competition and they all did very good. They all had their victories, either beating someone they have never won against in their previous encounters, winning against a much higher rated opponent or reaching the medal round. They should all be very proud of their achievements. Congratulations to all.


Ann Shiao silver U-18 girls singles, silver U-18 girls teams

Rickey Deng and Daniel Lu bronze U-18 boys teams

Rickey Deng bronze U-18 boys singles

Daniel Lu bronze U-15 boys singles

Mariana Ren bronze U-13 girls singles

The Ontario Summer Games are being held every two years and the Games will return to London in 2020. I am convinced that everyone who has taken part in the 2018 Games are already looking forward to the next edition and aiming at harvesting even more medals in 2020.