2016 Yinhe Ottawa Table Tennis Junior Championships was hosted at the St. Joseph High school on August 5.

The competition starts from 3 groups of 8/9 players. Top 4 players in each group merged to championship group, with the rest of players in each group joined in another group. Maggie Jin from Caderview Middle School won the Gold Medal, Rickey Deng and Elijah Godfrey captured Silver and Bronze medals separately. In another group, Gemina, Andra and Eric Jin won top 3 spots.

Many thanks for Sponsor – Yinhe, which provided $100 coupon for the 1st place, $50 coupon for the 2nd place and $20 coupon for the 3rd place. Winners can go to www.yinhecanada.com to shop some amazing equipment!

Congratulations to all winners!

2016 Yinhe Ottawa Table Tennis Championships was successfully hosted

from left to right (Elijah Godfrey, Maggie Jin, Rickey Deng)


from left to right (Eric Jin, Gemina, Andra)


Antong in Action!!