The 2016 Summer was a very fruitful one for many of the Geng Table Tennis Academy athletes.

National Championships

It started with the 3-day Canadian Junior Table Tennis Championships and followed by the 3-day Canadian Table Tennis Championships in Winnipeg, Manitoba. It is the biggest annual national Table Tennis event.

With over 150 participants and over 1000 matches in the tournament, 4 club members managed to capture 13 medals in total in the tournament. ‘It was physical challenge for all players’, Janet Yu (Sabrina Chen and Howard Chen’s mom) said.

  • Cadet Girls singles – Silver (Sabrina Chen)
  • Junior Boys doubles – Bronze (Howard Chen)
  • Junior Girls doubles – Gold (Sabrina Chen)
  • Junior Girls doubles – Silver (Jean Fei)
  • Cadet Girls Team – Silver (Sabrina Chen, Karen Fei)
  • Junior Boys Team – Silver (Howard Chen)
  • Junior Girls Team – Gold (Jean Fei)
  • Women’s Doubles – Bronze (Jean Fei)
  • Men’s Team- silver (Howard Chen)
  • Women’s Team – Gold (Sabrina Chen)
  • Women’s Team – Silver (Jean Fei, Karen Fei)

One of Team Ontario coaches, Horatio Pintea, who is also Geng Table Tennis Academy coach lead the team won numerous medals.


Summer Training 

The Geng Table Tennis Academy devotes itself on Table Tennis education in youth. The youngest Summer camp participant was just 5 years old. The Summer camp was divided into 3 groups, basic skill learning group, Intermediate training group, and advanced group. 6 weeks have passed by very quickly.

  • ‘Look at my Ma Long Serve!!’
  • ‘I like my forehand!!’
  • ‘My favorite weapon is my serve!’

Kids had fun and learnt skills.


Besides of the Summer Camp in Canada, two of club athletes flew to Zheng Ding, China for Table Tennis training right after the National Championships.



‘There are lots of players. Some of them are from different countries, for example Russian players. We saw Adriana Diaz (the youngest 2016 Rio Olympic Table Tennis female participant from Puerto Rico) and she went to training earlier than us.’ Jean said.

‘It is a good Table Tennis environment exposure for my kids. It boarded their eyes.’ The kids’ dad said.

 2016 Ontario Summer Games

Table Tennis is part of many multi-sport events, such as Canada Games, Francophone Games, Commonwealth Games, (Para) Pan Am Games, and of course, Olympic and Paralympic Games. The 2016 Ontario Summer Games was hosted in Mississauga, August 11-13. 6 GTTA players participated the event. For most of them, it was their first time to compete in the multi-sport event and stand in the opening ceremony stadium. It was a great experience for all young players.

  • Girls Team – Gold (Sabrina Chen)
  • Girls Team – Silver (Jean Fei)
  • Girls Team – Bronze (Karen Fei)
  • Boys Team – Silver (Howard Chen)
  • U13 Boys – 4th Place (Richard Xi) among 18 players
  • U18 Boys – 7th Place (Howard Chen)
  • U13 Girls – Silver (Maggie Jin)
  • U15 Girls – Silver (Sabrina Chen)
  • U15 Girls – 4th Place (Karen Fei)
  • U18 Girls – 4th Place (Jean Fei)
  • U18 Girls – 5th Place (Sabrina Chen)
  • U18 Girls – 6th Place (Karen Fei)

With 6 medals and some great experience, the team will take some break before start the training and school again in September. Till next competition!!

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From left to right:

  • GTTA Coach Horatio Pintea
  • Karen Fei (Earl of March Secondary School, 2001, 15 years old)
  • Sabrina Chen (St. Joseph High School, 2002, 14 years old)
  • Jean Fei (University of Ottawa, 1998, 18 years old)
  • Maggie Jin (Cedarview Middle School, 2004, 12 years old)
  • Richard Xi (Broadview Public School, 2003, 13 years old)
  • Howard Chen (St. Joseph High School, 2000, 16 years old)